And so the blogging begins…
23 July 2009 - Impact Hub

I will start by giving you some facts.
I am Holly. I host Hub Islington. The Hub provides physical and virtual spaces for social entrepreneurs to meet, work and play. Having begun 4 years ago in an old derelict warehouse just behind Angel tube station, the Hub is now an international network of amazing people doing amazing things.
In London, we have spaces for working, meeting, hosting events, entreprenurs working towards a better environment, sustainable design solutions, coaching and consultancy, going back to the local, facilitating dialogue and much, much more. In Europe we have Hubs running Summer Schools full of inspiration, planning and action, co creation being used, shaped and developed, and learning being shared, transferred and expanded. In South America, new definitions of Hub are taking shape – local Hubs, creative spaces dependent on communities and opening an opportunity for conversation and resolution. And other networks expanding, using the potential of collective power, action and decision-making and helping to shape a new economy, a new way of working and a new way to live.
I am a Host and this means that I (along with other Hosts) run the space in Islington, facilitate collaboration between members, develop an exciting member led programme of events, explore opportunities for development both within the local community and beyond and do, well, much more than I could write here .
Members have asked us to start blogging about what we do and how we do it so consider this the official starting place of fulfilling that request. Over the coming posts you can expect to get an insight into the world of social entrepreneurship, what it’s like to be involved in a fast expanding international network of change makers and other thoughts, innovations, conversations and hey, maybe even the odd photo or two. If you want to find out more about the Hub, please email us at [email protected] and to get an idea of what we look like, look here