Members Stories from around the world
29 July 2009 - Impact Hub

Each month, the Hosts from all the Hubs around the world, meet in a Skype call to discuss a current topic. It’s a great opportunity to connect with the wider network, share experiences and learning and feel like you’re part of a team. I wanted to share this months check in which was about members stories:
Tatiana Glad (AMSTERDAM): Jonathan is a film maker and within 3 weeks of joining is now working on collaborative project with another member helping make a film for their enterprise, working with the hub to cohost film night, and even does the dishes and knows how to close the hub at night!
Elias Tavsan (STOCKHOLM): Johanna Nordström – glass coffe
Linda Krondahl in Hination for winning prices for top potential for world changing businesses: HiNation offers rugged, mobile solar powered lighting for a demanding climate and tough handling. Our main focus is emerging markets in Africa, Asia and Central America, but we also serve the outdoor market in Europe and US.
Soledad Ponson (MADRID): 2 women in Stockholm that work with solar power lightning… mobile solar powered lighting for a demanding climate and tough handling
Helen Ripper (BRISTOL): FRANK Water Projects ( has to date funded 20 projects in India benefiting 140,000 people. By next year they hope to have installed clean water facilities in another 38 villages.  Great people and Sarah has asked about helping us out with hosting one day a week.
Holly Lambert (ISLINGTON): Fearghal (graphic designer) with an eco edge, meets stephen edwards (eco kitchen designer). they’re now creating designers cooperative/consultancy that will be able to take onbigger projects that they as individuals couldnt do. Stephen is at same acess to finance workshop as me right now trying to get funding to start up this new company. All of this within a month!
Soledad Ponins (MADRID): Salvador Camarasaltas from Madrid is a regular photographer but since he heard about the hub and what we are trying to do he just wants to change and be more innovative and change the world, he attracts other people to the hub, wants his children to be part of this, and has already connected with another member that is getting him nearer technology to start changing what he does… the potential is definitely there!
Tatiana Glad (AMSTERDAM): Karel of Butch & Sundance (media) recently came back from covering the voice of the people n Iran durin elections, shared stories and video from on the ground, a story of being detained by Irainan authorities.  Raised some key questions about the next level of enabling democracy, and what would the “hub” have to say about new approaches todealing with conflict and oppression?  He hosted a lunch for members with an Iranian storyteller and this will continue… he’s taking a deep democracy course at Hub Rotterdam next month, and has input for our emerging ‘hubs inconflict areas’ initiatve
Danny Gal (TEL AVIV): Michael Weitz from the Actors institute led us through a process of learning about our bodies and voices and we come across with our messages and impact to the world
Do any of these inspire you? Link to what you’re working on? Let us know by leaving a comment…..