How is the Hub going to survive the Winter?
27 October 2009 - Impact Hub

Hub Islington can get very cold during the winter months however this year, we’re trying to do everything we can to make sure the space is as warm and comfortable as possible.
Over the next few weeks you will see us:
– Get all the heaters serviced and repaired
– Seal all the holes in the floor/walls to stop heat escaping (if you see any holes we’ve missed, please point them out to a Host)
– Double glaze the ceiling windows, meeting room windows and windows near the platforms
– Install fans above all heaters to circulate hot air
– Install more portable heaters
– Replace any windows that have become rotten or warped
– Start a jumper drop box so if you’re still cold, there will be some nice extra layers for you to put on
If you have any more suggestions or would like to help us complete some of this work, please speak to a Host.
Thank you,
Hub Islington Hosting team