First day at the Hub..
30 October 2009 - Impact Hub

On my first day at the Hub I received this message…
Dear Colin,
Please find your Hub membership attached.
Everyone has a first day, a first thing a first something and with my move into day hosting my second first day begins. I’ve been a member of the Hub for a little over a year now and getting the chance to have my second first day is pretty awesome.
My second first day has started by grabbing a brew and getting acquainted with operational things. The hub being the hub means there are plants to water. I have a slight confession to make; in my enthusiasm I over-watered some plants; the first lesson.
The hub members are of course what the hub is all about and hosting within an open and multi office environment is a little like having a 4th wall on all sides. It’s a fascinating and stimulating environment to be in and around. Each person concentrating on their work, occasionally raising their head. It’s when they raise their head that my duties can kick in. Hi, how can I help…