Team Frivolities 2009
11 November 2009 - Impact Hub

The Hub started nearly 5 years ago now by a core team who are very much still around today (although their roles, wrinkles and relationship status may have changed somewhat!). The organisational structure of the Hub looks like this:
Local Hubs i.e. Hub Islington Are all independently run. We share knowledge, infrastruture, IT systems, hosting practice, vision and so on. We all might work in different ways and be at different stages of development but Local Hubs spend lots of time supporting each other, sharing best practice and most importantly, connecting our international pool of members.
Hub World is the kind of franchising mother ship (!). They coordinate the growth of the Hub network, meet with people looking to start Hubs, guide, mentor, share knowledge, help with design and IT set up, help negotiate funding and just, well, lots of things. Primarily the teams are split into: Hosting, Design, IT, Strategy and oh, many teams.
Anyway, the point I’m leading to is that while Hub World is connected with all the Hubs in the Hub network, it has a special relationship with Hub Islington because it is based here (at least for the short term anyway!). This is a very exciting for Islington as we get to see first hand, the Hub developing, growing, decision making, strategising and oozing innovation. While we work separately, we are all very close – close enough that last weekend we went on a Team Frivolities Weekend to the Isle of Sheppey.
We stayed at the beautiful Connett’s Farm run by the lovely Maria and her husband. She had farm eggs, bacon, butter, milk, bread – in fact the whole breakfast ensemble – all ready for us in the fridge on arrival. Then on Sunday she left us croissants! Heaven. We drove down on the Friday afternoon and as soon as we arrived, London felt very far away.
Connetts Farm, Isle of SheppeyWe did nothing really, had glorious food (Fish N Chips thanks to Synnove’s friends mum shop on the Island) and lots of nice wine. Heaven!