Pool of Hosts | Sarah
13 November 2009 - Impact Hub

Pool of Hosts | SarahIts that afternoon slump time, as Holly mentioned in her post yesterday…though I don’t think we’ll be creating any human pyramids today…but the good news is that it’s Friday (dare I say it – Friday the 13th…ooooh!), and Wine Friday is just around the corner! Phew!
Its a good day to be inside, it’s raining…it’s pouring…it’s drizzling out there, and even popping out to run a few errands and grab a coffee is depressing stuff…thankfully I can warm myself (and my now wet shoes) by the fire, and dream about a quiet weekend of hibernating!
Pity I missed the Hub Lunch yesterday, it sounded like a lot of fun, and seeing as I am really fond of food too (perhaps not more than Holly though – whose passion is amazing?!) it would have been great to be there…
Its my second Friday helping to host here at Islington…I am so loving the environment and Hub community feel, its such a nice change from the usual formal office environment.
Hope to chat to more of you in person soon