Copenhagen – And so it begins….
7 December 2009 - Impact Hub

Day One.
Having watched the beginning of the opening ceremony, followed #cop15 on Twitter and checked out numerous blog posts about the event, I realised following this from a far is going to be pretty time consuming. So, if you know of any blogs, videos, tweets, emails, updates etc that we really should be following, do get in touch via [email protected]
In the meantime, if you haven’t already, check out the opening film from COP15:
Please Help The World – Opening Film from COP15
For now, I guess we just have to sit and wait. I don’t know whether to cross my fingers, say a prayer, go out and protest, or go home and make sure my flat is as green as possible. I might just do it all….with a little bit of hope chucked in for good measure…