I want to ride my bicycle…
17 December 2009 - Impact Hub

I want to ride my bike.
And potentially, you can too. I have just received a letter notifying us of a planning application to put 19 bikes outside the Hub as part of the London wide bike hire scheme. This is REALLY cool! And as much as I’d love to say the Hub organised it, we didn’t. Sometimes, good things just happen.
Nothing much else to say now. I’m going to write to the Council in support of the application. And ask them to make sure there is a nice pink bike in there especially for me (!). So let’s just see what happens…
To keep you excited until we know more, here is a picture of my beautiful old shopper (which I got from BikeWorks). Isn’t it lovely?! It has a flat tyre at the moment so if anyone can help me rectify that, get in touch!
Host's heart Bikes!