Project of the Week: SOKO Kenya
4 February 2010 - Impact Hub

Once upon a time, the Hub was hosted by a beautiful lady called Joanna. Her smile, her grace, her charm and her kindness wowed us all. And her dedication to Ethical Fashion (she also worked for the Ethical Fashion Forum) was an inspiration. Which was why it came as no surprise that one day in 2008 she said that she and her equally lovely husband Dave were going to go to Kenya to found and manage SOKO Kenya. SOKO would empower the quality tailors and people of Kenya by creating sustainable, fair employment for the export market and offering training and skills to some of Kenya’s poorest people.
Just under a year later and they’d gone. And things were tough (as these things always are!). But they perservered, stayed true to their vision and are currently standing on the precipice of equality, change and achievement, ready to leap off into success!
ASOS is the UK’s biggest online fashion retailer and they have just launched a partnership with SOKO to present their first ever Africa Collection. Not only does this mean increased visibility for the amazing work SOKO is doing, but people will actually be wearing clothes created as a result of the project and supporting the market in Kenya.
They’re doing a blog about the collection so check it out here and be as inspired as I was by the interest free loan SOKO offered one worker to enable him to cycle to work (in 20 minutes) instead of walk (90 minutes) everyday. (This to me is the special thing about SOKO, it doesn’t just chuck money at a problem and hope it will go away. It empowers people through support, opportunity and quality leadership.  And as a result, change is happening.) Also check out the piece on SOKO in this weeks Grazia magazine below.
And come Feb 21st, be the first one on the ASOS site ordering your new wardrobe for Spring.