Pop Up News
5 March 2010 - Impact Hub

The Parlour: nostalgic fun and civilised merriment (without the modern accoutrements) in a wistful pop up space
Using the site of an historic Clerkenwell shop, a pop up space will be transformed into an eclectic parlour where friends and family can gather to engage, think, express, play games, and – most importantly – relax and enjoy a unique old-world experience.
The Parlour will take place from March 5th to 10th and will be hosted by Mistress of Manners, Dana Gornitzki, Editor of MIEN magazine (and Hub members!) – a newly launched website dedicated to etiquette, culture and style. Dana Gornitzki says: “The idea behind the Parlour is to switch off your mobile phone and return to the roots of what a parlour was used for: a lovely living space where one could receive visitors in the most polite way possible. The Parlour pop up will be a place to write letters, engage in good conversation, play games like cards, drink punch and enjoy music. It’s about simple pleasures.”
The wistful pop up hopes to take guests away from the fast-paced,intense, digital world we live in, inviting them to interact and engage with each other in a charming setting. During the day, the Parlour will be the perfect place to come read a book, write letters (or in your journal!), peruse art and other anecdotes left by visitors, or have a relaxed chat away from the busy streets of the city. On select afternoons and evenings, the Parlour will feature unique nostalgic workshops and play time: an assortment of delightful happenings including parlour games, poetry recitals, writing workshops, vintage screenings, listening to old records, and a few other handsome surprises. Most importantly, the Parlour will be free of mobile telephones, computers and modern-day gadgets, making time for quality, face-to-face conversations.
The Parlour will partially be furnished by Restore – a north London community project that aids people in need. So, for those who want to take a piece of the Parlour home with them, some of the furniture will be for sale with all proceeds going to Restore.
The Parlour will be welcoming visitors on March 5th through to the 10th @ 97-99 Clerkenwell Road, London EC1R 5BX. The Parlour is curated and hosted by MIEN Magazine with the support of Camden Council.
For more information: Dana Gornitzki at  [email protected] or  + 44(0) 7595 290 718