Another world within London
6 May 2010 - Impact Hub


The new two interns from the hosting team writing today!

In the next couple of weeks we will be looking at different social enterprises and the chances that are available as an alternative in London. The main purpose will be to create a broader enterprise map.
We are planning to record most of the interviews, places, actions we will see as part of that research and show them all here, in order to share them with all of you.
As a taster, on Friday we will be talking to Megan from the World Film Collective, who make the making of films more accessible, by the images from mobile phones. Also, we will have an interview with Peio, from the London Basque Society, which organizes events in order to boost the Basque Culture in London, it also arranges a lot of events for that.
So, if you are interested in the outcome of this, then you can just follow us in this blog during the next weeks.
More to come in the next following weeks!