First steps in the social enterprise project
11 May 2010 - Impact Hub

We’ve taken the streets with a camera for our project already, and have started doing the first interviews. So far, we’ve been at the British Library, and have talked to Peio from the London Basque Society, Dann from the Hub about Widening Communities, and to Megan from World Film Collective. A wee sum-up follow.

We finished our last week meeting Peio, Director of the London Basque Society. Peio came to see us at the Hub as he was curious to see the space. We were chatting with him for over an hour in the Hub-library. He told us about the new challenges that the Basque society is facing at the moment, the place it has in London at the moment, and the cultural events they have thought of doing for the next few months. It was a pleasure for us to show and explain what the Hub is about to a fellow Basque who’s already over 17 years in London.

Peio Astigarraga, Director of London Basque Society

The World Film Collective has not been working in London for too long, they have run 2 workshops so far, but as this is where their headquarters are for projects in Palestine, Cape Town, Russia or Brazil, we could only hold them on the phone, as they are sooooo busy. She explained us what their work is about, and will keep in touch. So hopefully, we will meet them sometime next week.

To finish with our previous week, we also went to see the anarchist action bookshop Freedom were we spoke to Dean, and we arranged a meeting with them; and to the Social and Cultural alternative Centre in Hackney, we were received there by one of the people who lives in the squat, and even though they told us about events, and workshops they organize, the option of taking part in our project was discussed on their last assembly and it doesn’t seem anyone is interested. We will look at other squats then!

Yesterday we started the week full of energy! With the proper video camera in hands, went to the Brittish Library in Euston Road where we met Gabrielle at the IP Centre. She showed us their space, explained the different resources and tools that they offer, and its links with the Hub. She was very helpful and even suggested new people we should contact.

After a wee break we took for lunch, we had tea with Dann (from the Fun Fed) in the Library to speak about their enterprise Widening Communication, which is about mainly short-film projects that they make with young people. We could record all of it with details, and it was very interesting but sadly the “Hub soundtrack” (constant kettle and microwave usage) interferences… just to make it more lively! 😉

And to finish with the start of the week, we are now waiting a new phone call from Freedom as Dean was not in yesterday due to illness (let’s say need to stay in after drunken times, see hangover for further reference). Will see if he remembers to call us.

Freedom Library

That’s all from the project front, will shortly come back with news!