Looking for…. GREEN TV
13 May 2010 - Impact Hub

Hi every hubislingtonblgpostadicts,
Today we have continued with our project. We  arranged a meeting with Mike Lamond ( Green Tv President) at nine o’ clock (AM) in Long Acre st. We had several troubles to find the seat of the tv (as usual), the address that we had corresponded with the Calvin Klein store, we looked in all the street two times, and when we were desdeperate of find the tv we decided to go inside the Channell 5 tv studios, there we met  a charming lady who called the Green-tv and finally we met with mike.
But didn’t finish the problems there Fistly we arrived late and mike was only free for twenty minutes. But we didn’t mind it’ was enogh for us, but the trobles this morning never ended when Mike started to speak the camera has just run out of batery and we had to repeat the interview.
Mike spoke about the function and the mission of green tv in London and the difficulties and the internal operations of the tv. Mike was very friendly and he told us that if we need more information we can  him a line with more questions finally he told us another tv like positive tv wich probably will be our next objetive.