SHINE unconference coverage
18 May 2010 - Impact Hub

Hi  everyone,
We are here to  tell yous lot how we  finished the last week and how we´ve started this  new week. The last week Naiara and me we were volunteers in the SHINE unConference. We hosted in the Hub Connect Points.  The idea of the points was to network within the people who attended the conference. The Hub points consisted on different points where the people could write their’ opinions, and that would “facilitate” getting the people to interact with each other.
The government listens

There were four Hub Connect  points, with four different topics and atmospheres. The first point was the give and get point gave the option to the people to write the thing  that they could offer and the things that the might need.

The second Hub Connect Point, the one where Naiara and me expend most of the day, raised two questions: What does the new social capitalism mean? What would be the role of the Social Enterprises in it? Unfortunately our point didnt have so much expectation at first but we tried to make the people participate, and as it was the comfiest corner in the whole building (consisting on the beanbags from King’s Cross and a tea-table) it started to get more users as the day went on, and the people nedeed some rest…. siesta time @SHINE
The other ponit  made the next question to the assistants What would you like to say to the new goberment? The people wrote hundred of advices to the new goberment.This also had a quiet start, but ended up… well just look at the picture THERE–>
FINANCE And the final point was about financial terms and ways to get funding. Different entrepeneurs, would there write their views and experiences, and kind of funding they got for their projects; others, would just ask what they need.
In the evening we assited at the conference of the rural Hub was very interesting because they made all the assistant participate in the conference. The new contact we got from here, is Clear Village.
As a conclusion it was a fabolus day we met a lot of people with projects and ideas very interesting and I would like to mention the great athmosphere of the unconference.