About clouds and foundations…
21 May 2010 - Impact Hub

A new episode of our project follows here.

After last weeks’ not-found addresses of squats in Mayfair and Green park, we have followed up with the work. We interviewed Philip Tulba from the Young Foundation on Monday at a really nice cafe called the Gallery, which apparently is run by Budhists (but that´s not of interest…). The young foundation is an organization that works in the UK and internationally carrying out research, influencing policy, creating new organizations and supporting projects with imaginative uses of new technology. They have a 55 years history with ventures like the Open University, the School for Social Entrepreneurs and Healthline (the precursor of NHS Direct).

Phillip Tulba

Phillip works in an specific project in Kingston, they are planning how to deliver innovation and social enterprise to the NHS. He told us as much as he could about the Young Foundation, as he has newly arrived there from Enterprise UK. (videos and specific info, will shortly be edited!)

As we were already in Bethnal Green we just had a nice (40min) walk to Passing Clouds, in Hackney. It was the first squat from the ones we´ve visited in which we felt welcome.Eleanor, Passing Clouds They opened the other with a smile, and invited us to an space with really comfy sofas where we waited (including time for a wee nap) for Eleanor to finish her meeting then, she gave us all kind of details about how the place is run, the kind of events they organize, and the possibilities it offers. If something to be highlighted, that is the importance it has as a place for meeting for people from different backgrounds here in London.In fact we it won’t take us long to go back there, will let yous know!

Future visits include communitarian gardens from Organiclea, interview to Chris from Eco’tube and the people´s supermarket, in the meantime ENJOY THE SUNSHINE WHILE YOU CAN!