Spring is well and truly here!
21 May 2010 - Impact Hub

Spring is here…but actually it feels more like summer. At least you certainly know it’s hot at Hub Islington when it’s time to open ALL the windows (even the really awkward, have to climb the rickety ladder to reach them windows!)
And of course along with the warmer spring weather often comes new life, a.k.a baby animals.  We at the Hub Islington were lucky enough to see some of these baby creatures up close and personal…we felt very excited to receive a visit from two extremely cute and fluffy baby swans!
So how did we end up with baby swans in our office? I’m sure you’re all wondering…
These were orphans rescued by Hub Member John Bodenham of Tribal Energy, who found them down by the canal on his lunch break, and brought them with him to The Hub to wait for collection by the RSPCA. As you could imagine everyone oooh’d and ahh’d over the cuteness of these little guys. Though hosts here were perhaps a little troubled by the fact that John used our ‘best’ towel as a blanket, which was inevitably pooped on, and whisked away, never to be seen again!
This may well go down in history as one of the greatest events ever at The Hub!