Why not all the days ?
8 July 2010 - Impact Hub

The 25th June something amazing happened everyone in the hub came in with theirs pyjamas. This idea was managed by Wallace and Gromit foundation for a good cause. The reason of these amazing day was to raise money for the children. The people who didn´t came in pyjama had to pay two pounds as a fine.


Furthermore the people of The fun fed also wanted to contribute to the cause and prepared some games to make the fun in the work. The games consisted on try to put a peg in tha clothes of hub members.

This day reminded me of my time in the nursery school, when all the class mates were playing in the park. It was a really funny day and I would like to sugest why don´t do that all the days, the pijamas are very confortable and plays games with the work mates is really funny. And it, s very useful to create a great atmosphere in the hub.