Hub Visit: Nynke from Hub Melbourne
13 July 2010 - Impact Hub

We´ve had a very special visitor on this pizza Tuesday at Hub Islington. Nynke, who was hosting Hub Rotterdam for three months last year and is now part of the team setting up Hub Melbourne has come to expent the day with us.
After graduating, and volunteering as a host in Hub Rotterdam, she went travelling to New Zealand and Australia and met Bred through the Hub Network;  Bred, is the contact from the network for people who want to set up Hubs in Oceania, so she got involved in the set up of the Hub in Melbourne.
They have already found the space in and they wrote the business plan. Nynke is now travelling around some of the Hubs in Europe in order to understand the hosting role better, as she believes that is what makes the real difference with other co-working spaces-  Also, by speaking to the founders of other hubs she is willing to learn from their previous experiences, as they went through the same processes before. She is interested in all the resources, the way IT is set, programmings, and at the end, everything that is needed in order to run a Hub.


When we ask her, how she feels in this Hub after her day in King´s Cross yesterday, and her previous experience in Rotterdam, she tells us that she can feel the essence of the Hub here and the  similarities she finds between this and the one in Rotterdam .
She will also be visitng the Hubs in Brussels, Berlin, Amsterdam and hosting for a couple of days in Rotterdam in the next couple of weeks before going back to keep on with the Melbourne Hub.
Best of luck Nynke!