Mentoring with Business in the Community
14 July 2010 - Impact Hub

Last week Anna Springbett, Economic Regeneration Manager at Business in the Community came in to persuade us of the benefits to be gained by pairing up mentors from the corporate world with individuals running social enterprises. She brought one of the many successful pairings with her to describe their experience.
The Mentor: Julia Proud was the Head of Process Improvements at Ascent Media but now runs her own consultancy. Rather surprisingly, she was pleasantly surprised by the amount of useful advice she was able to give her mentee.
The Mentee: Christoph Warrack is the CEO of the inspiring Open Cinema and told us how useful Julia had been in helping him with the direction of his enterprise, including the expansion of his organisation.
Here is a taster of the numerous useful and interesting nuggets of advice, ideas and revelations…

  • It might take mentors a while to get into their stride and understand what skills they can really provide – skills that are so second nature to them they don’t realise they have them!
  • Mentors can help mentees work out where their organisation is going and provide them with the tools to guide them through this process in an organic way.
  • If you want a lot of input, how about positioning your organisation into a case study for a business school and get some cutting-edge bright minds brainstorming for you?
  • Mentoring should be a two-way process, with both sides getting value and satisfaction from the relationship.

The next round of mentor and mentee match-ups will be held on 20th August. So if you’re interested in getting involved, please contact [email protected] for details as soon as possible.
A big thank you from The Hub Islington to Anna, Christophe and Julia for coming in!