Fundraising Q&A
13 October 2010 - Impact Hub

Sustainability week logo proper

This morning we were delighted to host a Fundraising Q&A Breakfast here at Hub Islington, as part of The Hub Sustainability Week. Experienced fundraisers Abigail Bulley and Patricia van den Akker gave us their top tips and answered all sorts of questions from those attending. Some of the key questions and advice for those social enterprises seeking funding included:

  • Be clear about what you do: be able to sum it up on a post-it and beware of using jargon.

  • Make sure you are aware of your potential funder’s definition of ‘social enterprise’.

  • Many organisations think they are ‘innovative’ and ‘unique’. What sets yours apart?

  • Measure the impact of what you do. Don’t just ask direct beneficiaries – document the ripple effect. brings together really useful frameworks for measuring impact.

  • Do your research. Find those doing similar things to you and see find out who is funding them.

  • Filter who you apply to. Sort the wheat from the chaff and save the chaff for later.

  • Timing is everything. The funding available this year might not be available next, so get going.

  • Source and fund as much as you can yourself, to show funders that you mean business.

  • If you can show that you have successfully gained funding from others, you are good to go. If you haven’t received funding before, seek out partnerships with other organisations or start small.

  • Cultivate relationships with funders to ensure longer term solutions.

  • Look at fundraising courses, e.g. from Directory of Social Change.