Member's Monday: Sinead Mac Manus from 8fold
11 April 2011 - Impact Hub

Sinead MacManus 8foldWho are you and what do you do?

My name is Sinead Mac Manus and I run a digital well-being company called 8fold.
I help busy people work better using a combination of productivity techniques, the web, social media and online tools, and some mind/body ninja tricks.
I blog on mindful 21st century working (and living) at From Apps to Zen and am the author of the free ebook From Apps to Zen: 26+ Ideas for Building a Business with Balance. I am also a Fellow of the School of Social Entrepreneurs.

What does social innovation mean to you and your work?

My social innovation is changing the way that people work. I believe that meaningful work is fundamental to happiness, however, I see people everyday consumed by their work to the detriment of their relationships, health and life experience.
I would like to see a revolution in the way people work and I am starting this through working with the individual and how they can cope better with increasing workloads and pressures, especially in our 24/7 connected world. Future plans include working in businesses, big and small, to re-engineer the workplace to make it a place for happy and healthy employees.

What do you like about being a member of The Hub?

I love coming to work at The Hub! Working by myself at home is great for focus but can get lonely. Spending a few days a month at The Hub is great for meeting like-minded entrepreneurs and sharing ideas. Pizza Tuesdays is a favourite day!

What piece of advice would you give to other social innovators?

That’s easy: Go for Minimal Viable Product. MVP is when you get to market fast and road-test your ideas on your customers and beneficaries and then reitarate to make a better product or service.
Too often I see social entrepreneurs caught up in their idea with business plan after business plan or waiting until the right funding is in place. With the web and social media you can get out and test a idea for a couple of pounds, or throw a free workshop and see if there is demand for what you can offer.
Start now and start lean.

Tell us one thing people don’t know about you?

I love tiny houses and hope to build my own soon.