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13 April 2011 - Impact Hub
Orange seaweed salad - just look at all that colour!

Orange seaweed salad - wow!

Today, we were treated to a feast of fascinating info on raw food and the benefits of a plant-based diet. Hub member and live food coach Sandra Kaffo shared her passion for unprocessed uncooked meals and revealed some of the science of live food nutrition.
According to Sandra, raw food is extra-nutritious, with sprouting vegetables providing the biggest energy boost of all. Time to hit the beansprouts, people! She is a great advocate for the diet and clearly enjoying herself thinking of ever-more fabulous raw food creations – some of which she treated us to at the end of the presentation…
Tucking into some amazing raw food creations

Tucking into some amazing raw food creations

Sandra’s company, Food Dots, provides coaching and mentoring, living food preparation classes, workshops and other events. For more info, go to: www.fooddots.com.