The Next Big Shift – food for thought dinner debates
18 May 2011 - Impact Hub

Guest blog entry by Hubber Kirsty Schneeberger:

Bottom-up change

Fishing for change - from the bottom-up...

Wednesday 11th May saw the second in the series of the Next Big Shift dinners take place at the delightful Hub in Angel, Islington.  The central theme of the evening’s presentations and discussions was how social change happens from the bottom up. Dinner guests heard from three distinguished speakers who shared their thoughts and experiences of creating change through community organising and grass roots activities: each presentation from Tessy Britton, Tamsin Omond and Joss Garman offered a valuable and interesting flavour to the evening and no doubt sparked many exciting conversations throughout the evening.
Tessy Britton shared stories about community organising and the sorts of projects that she has studied – more of which can be found here – as well as sharing some thoughts from her book Hand Made, which you can read more about here. Thank you so very much to Tessy for her insight into the ways in which  communities can be self-organising and how this empowerment leads to positive change at the local level.  Twitter: @tessybritton
Tamsin Omond’s extraordinary insight into the life of a climate and social activist was no doubt eye opening and her pointers for discussion based on the radicalism of the suffragette movement and her encouragement for others to feel emboldened by that movement certainly lit up everyone’s imaginations for creative campaigning.  Find out more about Climate Rush and their activities and follow Tamsin on Twitter: @tamsinomond
Thanks also to Joss Garman for sharing his experiences of using activism at the local community level to work with established community groups and how this collaborative relationship strengthens campaigns overall and can ultimately lead to successful stories of bringing about change at the national level. Follow Joss’ writing on Left Foot Forward or find out more about his work for Greenpeace. Twitter: @jossgarman
Dinner was again served up by the amazing Abi and her team at the Rambling Restaurant. The delicious and inspired food included hand picked salads and nettle risotto as well as wet garlic and goat’s cheese bruschetta. You can read more about Rambling Restaurant in the Jellied Eel magazine and follow it on Twitter: @foodrambler
Next Wednesday 25th May, for the final dinner in the Next Big Shift series, we will be hearing about how change can happen from the top-down, as well as debating where the top-down approach must meet the bottom up approach to bring about truly positive and transformational change.  You can find out more information about the speakers for the next event, or check out the West Lexham website to learn more about the visioning weekend that will bring together the information and discussions of the Next Big Shift dinners.
If you would like to join us for the final dinner series, please book your ticket here and if you are thinking of joining us for the lovely weekend in Norfolk, drop us a line through the website.