Social Entrepreneurs Anonymous – How can you make your marketing more effective?
18 July 2011 - Impact Hub

...and change the world!

Yes, marketing can be fun! Increasing your visibility and credibility to attract clients is interesting, right? Well, it turns out that it’s all about making the most of marketing strategies. Patricia van den Akker (Akker and co), was at the Hub last Monday to demonstrate how being passionate about what you do helps bring in more money.
Firstly, knowing what you want is the most important part of a business or marketing plan. Then you need to build sustainable relationships. The best way to do this is to try lots of different ways of contacting people, and find the one that works best for you.
At the beginning of the session, Patricia asked us simple but important questions which were not always easy to answer in a clear and honest way. Who are your clients? How do you make your money? What works and doesn’t work for your clients? If people know you, like you, want your service/product, and trust you, bingo! It’s a deal! But how exactly do you start a relationship?
We’ve all experienced spending hours ‘doing’ social media and then asking ourselves at the end of the month: ‘why am I doing all this? Does it actually boost my sales?’. Social media is a delicate science of strategies and errors, lessons and trials. And it’s easy to hide behind it! Being popular and making money is a different story. You need to know what your niche is, what your focus is and where are your passions and strengths lie.
Patricia has definitely showed us that putting passion into business is the best way to make marketing effective. Her talk was very successful and powerful. Check out her website for more info, and feel free to leave us some feedback.
Edwige Bernanoce