Member survey feedback
8 September 2011 - Impact Hub

 So, our survey of members is finished and the results are in! First of all, thank you to everyone who responded – we really appreciate you taking the time to do so. We’ll be looking into all the issues you’ve mentioned. Let us just say again though, THANK YOU in particular for all the positive feedback and praise directed at hosts. It made us happy. The winner of the prize draw for answering the survey will be announced on Friday.
As to what you said in your responses to our questions:
The Hub means different things to different people. What do YOU think the Hub’s mission statement should be?
There were a variety of different responses, which I’ve turned into the word cloud below – the bigger the word, the more frequently it appeared across responses.
Mission statements we particularly liked were: “better together”, “joining together to help save the planet” and “creating space to help great ideas and connections flourish”.
 What impact has the Hub had on you/your organisation?
Affirming that the Hub is currently doing a lot of things right, 100% of answers to this question were positive. Many people mentioned that working here has been an “inspiration” and that they’d gained contacts and clients, as well as general support.
Answers ranged from “everything – empowerment to stay afloat professionally and psychologically; my urban ‘family’” to “inspiration from fellow guests, clients from the network, a respite from home”.
What improvements could the Hub make to better support the growth of your business?
Answers here varied hugely from member to member, but there were a few common themes: more networking between different and diverse sectors for one, and also, a resounding call for some kind of phone booth, in order to make private phone calls without disturbing other members working. The latter request especially is definitely something we’ll be looking at creating in the near future.
What improvements could the Hub make in terms of communication with our members?
About half of you are satisfied with our communications strategy, but the other half of you think it needs a bit of refining. So in the future we’ll be looking to publicise our events more clearly (which you can find here, incidentally!) and reduce unnecessary emailing on the maillist. We also intend to set up an online Google spreadsheet for members to recommend services, such as lawyers, photographers, marketing consultants, that they’ve used to others. It’ll also be yet another tool for members to advertise their services.
 What improvements could the Hub make to its events programme?
Most of you seem quite content with our current event schedule. However, several of you also suggested new things to do, including a book group, group walks at lunch as well as more events focusing solely on entrepreneurship, soft skills and networking. Another much-appreciated suggestion is more “regular outings to the pub”, so watch this space! We’ll be bearing these all in mind when we create the events calendar in the future. We’d also like to invite any of you with a burning passion to run a particular new event to approach us and let’s discuss how we can do it!
What improvements could the Hub make to our space? Do you have any suggestions for how this can be achieved within a limited budget?
As mentioned above, a sound-proofed phone booth seems to be very much in demand and hopefully, by means of a thick, heavy curtain, it’ll also be within our budget! Again, there were many varied suggestions, including a request for a state-of-the-art coffee machine, similar to the excellent one in Hub Amsterdam, which is provoking not a little Hub envy amongst us here!…
Any other comments or feedback?
And finally, definitely our favourite section of the survey: the extra, lovely comments many of our members chose to add! Rest assured though, the positive comments won’t make us idle, we’ll be more eager than ever to improve and keep this place as lovely as it currently is.