5 steps to mastering your elevator pitch
14 October 2011 - Impact Hub

Why is it that you should always have your pitch under your hat ready to use?
Because you never know who you might encounter and how this person could help you and vice versa.
On Wednesday, Pony Express – a public speaking platform, held a taster session here at The Hub Islington, presented by Elliot Kay, also known as The Coach with the Hat. Elliot talked us through ‘The 5 Steps to Mastering your Elevator Pitch’. The main reasons for elevator pitching are to:
o      Build rapport and open relationships
o      Win clients and new business
o      Form partnerships and joint ventures
o      Pitch for investment
o      Become iconic and a global brand
By seeing the bigger picture and overcoming your negative associations towards selling, pitching can become an incredible tool to open big and heavy doors.
Here are your 5 steps:
Step 1 – Who are you? Elliot reminded us that you do business with people, many people forget the little detail, like their name and their position in the company – always start with that.
Step 2 – Credibility – Why are you the person to listen to? Along the lines of:

  • we are the number one in…
  • we are the leaders in…
  • as supported by…
  • as seen on…

Step 3 – What is it you do and how do you do it? This is where you explain what your business does and how it does it, simples.
Step 4 – Stats or Results – This is where you give the person listening to you a result of your work, to further ‘hook’ them in:

  • Through working with our empowering coaching system we have improved results for business by up 40%
  • We ran XYZ amounts of events last year
  • We designed over 50 websites a month

Step 5  – Call to Action, many businesses forget this step. What is it you want people to do? Visit your website? Book an appointment? Ask you questions? Call the listener into action!
Everyone had a turn at writing their own elevator pitches and delivering them. The delivery bit was the scary part but a great opportunity to gather some extra feedback, and people left the room a step further down the line with their pitch. We hope to invite The Coach with the Hat back to run another session sometime soon for those who missed it.
To polish your speaking skills Pony Express is running an evening event here at the Hub on Wednesday the 19th of October at 7.30 pm. Hub members come half price (£5) – bargain! To reserve a place contact – [email protected]