Discovering a HiddenCity of street art
17 October 2011 - Impact Hub

A small group of Islington Hubbers went on the hunt for Banksy yesterday around East London as part of a new Shoreditch Street Art trail by HiddenCity.
It’s a brilliantly simple concept, and helps you explore the city in a whole new way. The way it works is, clues are sent to you by cryptic text messages to your mobile phone. Work it out, follow the directions and text back the answer in order to get the next clue. It’s all timed too, so you can compete against another team, or try to get one of the top scores on the website.
We loved exploring the anarchically painted railway arches, alleyways and hidden streets of Shoreditch while working out the clues. Led down backstreets we wouldn’t normally think of going down, we saw some amazing murals that are hidden away from the main drag. We also took the time to stop and really appreciate the graffiti we might see every day but which blurs into the busy urban canvas that surrounds us here in East London. Happily there were also a couple of pub stops along the way!
I especially loved this wall on Redchurch Street, that I’ve somehow managed to walk past hundreds of times without noticing… (which is odd as it’s hardly subtle…)

Colourful street art on Redchurch Street

We even caught one of the street artists in action! This one’s a beauty…

Caught in the act!

Well done to Rob Reason, a regular in the Islington Hub, who launched HiddenCity was launched this summer. We’re massively impressed and look forward to trying more of their trails.
Get hunting Hubbers!