Hub Lunch: Diet Myths
31 January 2012 - Impact Hub

Yesterday we were treated to a feast of tasty food and even tastier nuggets of information on diet and nutrition, thanks to our two lovely guests – Angela Walker from Fabulous Nutrition and Naomi Smith from munch.
As we tucked in to a colourful buffet of superfood salads and artisan breads, Naomi told us about munch and the amazing journey she’s found herself on since meeting Tim Ahrensbach of Hub Westminster at SOCAP Europe last year. From agreeing to cater a few events for the new Hub, to providing a full-on breakfast and lunch service four times a week, to a chance meeting in the Hub with someone who wanted to set up a catering social enterprise at a women’s shelter in Marylebone (coincidentally also called ‘munch’!), Naomi’s story is a thrilling example of the magic that can happen through connections and collaboration.
After filling ourselves up on zesty spinach salad, homemade houmous and low fat (you’d never know!) carrot cake, Angela our guest nutritionist fielded a Q&A session on all our diet questions. It was the perfect opportunity to lay to bed all those diet myths that get passed around at this time of the year such as…
Is it a good idea to de-tox? (It’s not necessary but can be a good thing… but only if you have a proper retreat from work stresses)
Should we cut out carbs? (No! Any diet that completely cuts out a food group is unsustainable and probably not good for you)
Is it really good to have a glass of wine each night? (Red wine can indeed be good for the heart, but you should have at least two nights off a week and never more than one or two drinks a night)
And most importantly… How we can we make our favourite Thai takeaway lunch more healthy?? (Try to fill at least half your plate with vegetables)
The overall message seemed to be… all in moderation, eat more fruit and veg and most importantly of all – enjoy your food and don’t punish yourself with miserable diets (and too much Ryvita!)
Sounds good to me!