Operation Insulation: A warming tale
9 February 2012 - Impact Hub

On this chilly day, here’s a happy story about our successful crowd-funding mission. Are you sitting comfortably? (because we are now!)
Once upon a time there was a group of very special people called Hubbers who lived in an attic high above the London village known as Islington. They were good and kind and very happy… but poor as a church mouse and terribly terribly cold in the Winter.
For the attic they called home, although full of light that shone through the rafters, was draughty and exposed to the harsh English weather. Every December, as the icy nights drew in and frost settled upon the city, the Hubbers would wrap themselves in moth-eaten old jumpers pulled out of the jumper box and huddle together by the wood-burning ovens to keep warm.

They didn’t complain though. They just blew on their fingers to get enough warmth in them to be able to type and carried on their business of changing the world for the better.
However, one day the hosts decided enough was enough. “No more energy-sapping floor heaters for us!”, they cried. “No more numb fingers and numb toes!”

And that was the day they launched ‘Operation Insulation!‘ – a daring scheme to raise £4,000 in order to put secondary glazing on their windows in time for Winter to keep them snug and warm.
People said they couldn’t do it. But those people had no idea what an incredible bunch of people those Hubbers were.
Immediately, it was all hands to the deck. Everyone came up with fundraising ideas and came to the hosts with offers of gifts and services that could be exchanged for money towards the campaign.
Someone offered to make a video…
… someone offered a professional massage…
… and someone even offered to draw a beautiful illustration!
The money started rolling in and the fundraising barometer rose and rose. After a month had gone, they put on a big gala show to celebrate how far they’d come and raise even more money by selling tickets. A wonderful night was spent, acting and playing and laughing, with the piggy bank jingling until.. do you know what? They found out they were having so much fun that they forgot they were even cold!
Finally, thanks to everyone’s efforts and generosity, they raised almost £2,000. The Hub’s Directors matched this and they reached their target, and everybody jumped up and down with glee.
With the shiny new windows, the Hubbers were as warm in their fingers and toes as in their hearts. And they all lived happily ever after!

Illustrations by Islington Hub member Jo Weaver – www.joweaver.co.uk (Note: this is just a holding page for now)