Hub Islington's Tasty Autumn Experiment:
3 September 2012 - Impact Hub

A few tasty things to think about - thanks to Emily Wilkinson of Mindful Maps

What would you feel like if you changed a few small habits in how you eat, live or think for 21 days? To answer that question, Hub Islington members William Higham and Jude Claybourne decided to gather some people to play a little game.
Starting today, then, is the Tasty Autumn Experiment. It’s part facebook page, part real-life experiment, with people as far as Australia and even Sheffield taking part! Here’s how it works:
You decide on a few things you’d like to do for 21 days – replace caffeine with rosepetal tea (tried that today) or fizzy pop with fresh juice and soda water. You could swap pies and processed foods for crunchy fresh things, or home-cooked meals. You could swap evening sofa time with a walk in the park. You could even (contraversially) swap the red wine for something else. It’s not a case of right or wrong – it’s a case of deciding what you’d like to try out and committing to doing it, with the delights of an online community to buoy you along.
Why 21 days? It’s long enough to notice a difference and, should you find you like the results your experiment gives you, it’s long enough to create a lasting habit too.
If you’d like to join the Tasty Autumn Clan, just click on the url , sign up to the facebook event, post your choices and get involved.
Look out on HubNet for Tasty Eating Meetings in a Hub or home near you.