Bio-Inspired Curves
26 November 2012 - Impact Hub

At the HUB Islington we’re getting the ball rolling with our first ever sustainability plan to measure and improve our contribution to people and planet.
But before we start painting the place green, we thought this would be a great opportunity to stop and reflect on some of the blooming awesome sustainable things that we already do here!
So without further ado, I would like to kick off our sustainability blog series by introducing to you- our furniture.
Yes, meet the Petal Table

With bio-inspired social curves and a body of recycled cardboard these tables are designed for minimum impact and maximum interaction.  Tilt Design their creators, intended us to get cosy around them – useful for the winter season brrrrr- but also a clever way of making sure space and resources go further.
But cosy is not the same as claustrophobic. The loose, open-plan nature of these tables allows people to sit closely at various angles to maintain lots of breathing space. Each petal can be folded out for surface area and Hubber huddles, or folded in on top of each other for board style meetings, dinners or workshops.  Eco and adaptable, they invite members to MAKE and REMAKE them in new formations, a philosophy important to our sustainable culture here at the HUB.