30 November 2012 - Impact Hub

Every week, we post questions on the blackboard in the HUB Islington toilets. This week, we asked what is the best and worst thing about being a freelancer, obviously a topic close to the heart of many hubbers. The top three negatives were ‘working late due to poor self control’, ‘HMRC’ and ‘Housemates always ask me to stay in for deliveries and parcels’. While one hubber was confused that freelancing involved a lot less jousting than expected….
Thankfully, there were just as many advantages as disadvantages! These included:
‘lots of colleagues’
‘doing what I love’
‘holidays whenever I want’
‘exercising whenever I feel like it’
‘a happy soul’
‘limits are only where I set them’
‘4 day weeks’
‘holidays whenever I want’
‘no clock watching’
and, of course, the daytime TV show ‘Bargain Hunt’. Without blowing our own trumpet, we’re pleased to say The Hub was listed on the positives side.
This question has now been wiped away and a new one chalked up: If you had 2 extra hours in your day – what would you do?
If you are desperate to answer but don’t have to need the loo, or haven’t joined us yet – tweet your answer to @hubislington using #toiletblackboard