It’s London but not as you know it
1 December 2012 - Impact Hub

One of our weekly duties at HUB Islington is to take our compost over to the beautiful Culpeper Community Garden on Penton Street. Hidden around the back of the traffic-logged Upper Street you would never expect to find such a quiet and lovingly tended patch of greenery. It’s the ideal spot for lunch or to grab a bit of nature in a busy day.
This week I wrote in the Islington Tribune, (local paper to HUB Islington) about a suspected plant thief at Culpeper:
Do you recognise the woman (above right) in this poster? This little old lady is suspected of stealing all the most prized plants from the Culpeper Community Garden, in Angel, including peonies, fuchsia, heather, French lavender and even pink-blossoming heuchera.
“A new spate of thieving started last summer,” said garden worker Martha Orbach. “I have had a few different descriptions but consistently people say it’s a little old lady with a shopping trolley.”
Martha is concerned about the impact of the thefts on the other people that use the gardens.
“I would have a very frank conversation with her that the plants are for everyone to enjoy and that by taking away the plants, she is damaging people’s morale. My suspicion is that there’s more than one and in fact a series of little old ladies with very little money.”
Alex Barber, a member of the Southwood Smith Gardening Group, has drawn the ‘Wanted’ poster in an attempt to help trigger people’s memories. A possible stake out to catch the thief has been discussed.