What do Christmas trees and the HUB heating have in common?
17 December 2012 - Impact Hub

When you picture Christmas you might see yourself huddled round an open log fire, a string of stockings over the hearth and a twinkly Christmas tree beaming cheer into the room.
Nowadays log fires tend to be an extra to gas or grid electricity central heating.  But here at the HUB Islington we warm our cockles with green clean fires from our Italian biomass stoves all winter.
Like Christmas trees*, the bio-pellets for our stoves come from tree farms that suck up carbon dioxide while they are growing and release it back into atmosphere when they are burnt.  And our source, Ecowood fuels, goes one step further by only manufacturing our fuel from timber waste products like saw dust and wood shavings.
So burning wood rather than fossil fuels means our net emissions for heating are much lower!  Even when you take account for planting, harvesting, manufacturing and transportation it works out at around 90% fewer emissions.
But also like Christmas trees, our lean green stoves bring people together.  To get 60 bags of bio-pellets up four flights of stairs we need some serious member muscle.  There can’t be many offices that demonstrate collaboration and teamwork like our bio-pellet human chain!

Member muscle power as part of the pellet chain

*Warning- not all tree farms are green –you should always look for an organic or FSC certified Christmas tree.  Check out Guardian article here for more buying tips.