P&P: Nikki Allen
10 January 2013 - Impact Hub

A message from Nikki Allen, who hosted this week’s Pitch and Pizza:

A big THANK YOU from me to all the HUB members who helped make my Pitch and Pizza session on Tuesday lunchtime such a useful , inspiring experience!
I’m an enthusiastic Hubber, passionate about the community we have here and keen to use my skills and talents in a way that will be helpful for other small businesses. I have a background in journalism and PR and am investigating the option of starting media and PR training for SMEs and start-ups, to help them raise their media profile themselves, without having to find a huge budget for public relations.
Before holding the session on Tuesday, I had a vague sense that this was a good idea – but had no idea what, specifically, small organisations and start-ups might be looking for from this kind of training! I was a little in the dark, to say the least.
However, the response and feedback from the 10 or so Hubbers that came along was fantastic. They confirmed it is a good idea – but they also helped me hone my thinking, and gave me some feedback on how I can turn my idea into a viable offering for businesses.
For example, they suggested what they felt were the most useful, valuable exercises or pieces of information that a media training day could offer, and how I could run it in a way that would be helpful, interesting and entertaining.
I came away from the session inspired and excited about making this happen and with a sense that this is a useful idea that could really help both Hubbers and non-Hubbers running SMEs and start-ups – bring on the new business in 2013!

Thanks Nikki for hosting a really lively brainstorm that got us all thinking about how we could help our businesses hit the headlines.
If any HUB members are keen to host a future Pitch and Pizza event, please get in touch with a host.