Spanish media covers 2Pueblo
18 March 2013 - Impact Hub

Congratulations to Christina Rebel! Her hard work was recognised by El Mundo, the newspaper linked to the Guardian in Spain. An article on 2Pueblo featured on the front page of their website and was included in their print edition with special reference to the Hub Islington.
Christina is strengthening the link between Spanish villages and London through social entrepreneurship and sustainability. 2Pueblo brings the food and tradition of Spain: The Fountain & Poplar extra virgin oil olive and manchego cheese are the heart of an enterprise run by young people who were suffering significantly from the economic crisis.
“We need to consider entrepreneurship as something practical and fun”, Christina explained to the Spanish newspaper, “it is clear that they won’t just hand us a job on a plate. The best thing for us young people to do is to get together with people in the same situation and gather our energy and passion towards a common idea. That is what we did in this project that to me symbolises all the potential that there is in our (Spanish) villages”.
And, of course, we are proud of being part of this unique project. Quoting El Mundo: “The chosen space to develop 2Pueblo could not have been better: The Hub Islington, the favourite spot for entrepreneurs and social innovators in the north of London…was the starting point to promote and build bridges between London and The Fountain & Poplar”.