The HUB Islington rated 100 on sustainability test!
19 March 2013 - Impact Hub

We are proud to inform that we have undertaken Think.Eat.Drink sustainability test to evaluate our commitment towards being “green, responsible and successful”. The Hub Islington “achieved an overall score of 100 points, which affords the Silver level Think.Eat.Drink Award Certificate”.
Think.Eat.Drink “provides forward-­‐thinking (green) solutions to all businesses working within the hospitality industry… in four key areas; environment, health, training and community”.
This award is a demonstration of our environmental awareness concerning recycling, energy use, electricity and water efficiency. At the Hub Islington we actively recycle, compost all of our organic waste material and our heating runs on compressed recycled wood pellets which cuts down our carbon emissions by 80%. Our members are made equally aware of our responsible use of water and energy through our sustainability audit and posters throughout the space.
But, of course, there is always space for improvement – Gold level is where we are heading for!