Spanish media loves us!
22 April 2013 - Impact Hub

“Where ideas gather to become reality. Where entrepreneurs and social innovators can co-create. Where changes are carried out and things happen.” This is how Carlos Fresneda, correspondant in London for El Mundo, describes the HUB and the 6,000 Hubbers’ reality. Following the piece on one of our members, this Spanish newspaper features an article on us and the 36 HUBs that make up our “galaxy”.
During the week of the first ever HUB Insights event, Eleanor Whitley, from HUB King’s Cross was interviewed by El Mundo to show the current situation of co-working. “We all share an eagerness to innovate and change things, and know we’re not sure of good ideas. What we were lacking before was a place to meet, where we could connect and collaborate”. But this is no longer the case. In cities around the world from London, Madrid, Melbourne, Bogotá or Johannesburg, social entrepreneurs now have a place to feel at home, develop projects and ideas and collaborate.
“We are a global network and, at the same time, both a physical and mental space […] It is very important that the space is “unfinished”, that it is flexible and adapts to the changing needs of the members”, El Mundo quotes Eleanor. “I sincerely believe that we are creating a new way of working in a time of crisis. Most of our members are freelance, but big companies have started to “send” workers to the HUB. They are realizing that collaboration, innovation and social dimension are basic elements nowadays”. And therefore, the HUB is the place to be.