Streamline social media with Hootsuite
23 April 2013 - Impact Hub

HUB London has partnered with whizzy social media platform Hootsuite to get you all free Pro accounts and access to Hootsuite University for three months – a great chance to kickstart your online marketing and get social media savvy.
But what is this Hootsuite? (I hear you say)
Well, if you’ve ever tried managing a Twitter feed and a Facebook page for your business, not to mention your LinkedIn and Google+ accounts – you’ll know that it can sap a lot of your valuable time. But as an entrepreneur or freelancer, you probably can’t afford to let you social media marketing slip either.
This is where platforms like Hootsuite come in, allowing you to manage campaigns across multiple social networks from one secure, web-based dashboard. You can do all sorts of clever things on there, including scheduling tweets to come out at different times of the week, to measuring the reach of your campaign. You can also, as we’ve done here at the HUB, organise a team of collaborators to the various social media accounts so that multiple people can tweet or post as your Facebook page.
If you’re a HUB member and want to find out more or take up Hootsuite on their offer of a free Pro account (which comes with some extra features to the free version) get in touch with UK Community Manager, Shain Shapiro (who just so happens to be a HUB Islington member!) via his HUBNet profile.