Interested in green investment?
25 April 2013 - Impact Hub

Hey there Hubbers
I’m Angela Zollinger from Zurich and I’m doing a mini internship for two weeks at Hub Islington. My goal is to pick up some work experience while I’m still in High School and to brush up my English. The Hub was introduced to me by my father, Peter Zollinger, who works in the field of sustainability as Head of Impact Research at Globalance Bank. I’d like to share the story of this special Bank with you.
Globalance Bank is an owner-run Swiss private bank that was founded in 2011 by a group of entrepreneurs that have 20 – 25 years experience in the financial markets and sustainable investing.  The Globalance founders guide investors to make profit while maintaining a positive footprint in the real world.  The unique Portfolio Footprint, that was developed by Globalance founders, shows the investors very clearly what impact their investments have on the earth.
A fresh start, like founding the Globalance bank, is (in my opinion) the right answer to the banking crisis. Globalance has no legacy problem, is well capitalized and can devote all its energy into creating a positive future.
As Globalance shares their visions with the Hub they collaborate every now and then with the Hub Zurich.
Read more about the young ethical bank on their website or come and talk to me in the HUB!