Our Cleaners Cleaning Up their Carbon
30 April 2013 - Impact Hub

In the next few days the climate will pass the symbolically important threshold of 400parts per million (ppm) of carbon dioxide.  This is the politically recognised safe limit.  While the implications of these readings are terrifying (and should be), here at the HUB we can’t help but continue to feel proud by the hard work and dedication of our partners and members who understand this as their call to action.
So what do an M&S bra, Whitehall, a Pink Floyd album and our cleaners have to do with the challenge? Well, they’re all going carbon neutral!
Since we’re in the midst of settling our own sustainability framework we’re delighted that our long-term supplier Ultimately Eco is striding out ahead of the game by cleaning up their carbon.  Following the classic avoid> reduce> replace> then offset impact minimisation process, Ultimately Eco have gone the final mile to neutralise their remaining carbon.
Founded as an environmentally friendly and ethical company, Ultimately Eco is committed to a sustainable future.  We were touched to read in their declaration that their motivation springs from a heartfelt concern for their clients’ (us) and cleaners’ health!
As is often said, it takes a crisis to bring about real transformational change so we’re looking forward to joining Ultimately Eco’s carbon purge and invite our other suppliers to join the clean-up!