Brainy Brunch has arrived!
31 May 2013 - Impact Hub

Brainy Brunch has officially arrived! Last month a brilliant bunch of people spent their Sunday with us here at the HUB to watch and discuss two TED talks. Brainy Brunch will be taking place once a month at the HUB offering good food, inspiring talks and informal chat. The first session screened two talks that were loosely linked by religion: My Year of Living Biblically and The Charter for Compassion.
Me and Anna arrived early to smear a healthy pile of bagels and prepare a Brainy Brunch playlist of Sunday-ish songs. The very enthusiastic Rachel proved how far some people will go for the love of learning – in her rush to the HUB, she slipped on a banana skin and broke her ankle. She is currently hobbling on crutches and promises she is fine.
As an experiment, the first Brainy Brunch was a big success. We have taken on everyone’s feedback and now very excitedly planning the next one for June 16. The talks will be based on the little changes and skills that can make huge changes. Grab your tickets here
Terry Moore will help you stop tripping over your laces, Joe Smith will guide you through drying your hands and if you don’t feel like a natural leader – Drew Dudley will prove you’ve been one all along.
If you have any suggestions of compelling, intriguing or controversial TED talks – we would love to hear from you! If you’re interested in curating a session (basically choose two talks and possible themes to discuss), email Anna on [email protected]