Food Chain Picnic Fun
7 June 2013 - Impact Hub

Hub London (Islington, Kings Cross and Westminter) congregated last Friday afternoon at Highbury Fields for an opportunity to share a meal, socialize and give back to the local community. The atmosphere of the event was one filled with laughter, introductions and more then likely a little networking for those who wanted to keep the work day going. Everyone brought food to share and in turn donated £4 to The Food Chain. The £4 is meant to show how giving up what for us only amounts to a lunch, can provide much more for those who have trouble getting access to nutritious meals.

The Food Chain was represented by Community Fundraising and Events Assistant Charlie Belbin, who educated the group on what The Food Chain does, the type of people that they impact (those with HIV) and how they do accomplish what they do. I think many were impressed by what the organisation does with such a small team and were grateful to hear where their donation was going. More than that I think many Hubbers felt a sense a pride when Charlie announced that this had been the largest Food Chain picnic that he had ever been a part of.

With the money raised from the Hub London picnic, The Food Chain is able to:

  • Provide the ingredients in 90 respite meals.
  • Buy five grocery hampers for people who are struggling to shop for themselves.
  • Give two people the opportunity to learn how to better manage the side effects of medication at a specialized cookery and nutrition class.

Hearing what can be done with the money should make everyone in attendance feel proud about the donation that they made. More then that though, it should make everyone, whether in attendance or not want to continue to try and help others who are having trouble providing meals for their family.
To learn more about The Food Chain visit