A Healthy Dose of Desk Plants
18 June 2013 - Impact Hub

The cycle of life in our little HUB world has been given a turn today with a plant spruce.  We finally said goodbye to victims of the long winter and welcomed in some new friends.
As pretty as some of our new friends are (we especially like our side-show-Morgan the hairy fern in the middle above), there are reasons for bringing plants into workspaces that go beyond what meets the eye.  Plenty of evidence now exists to show that being close to plants has a whole host of human sustainability benefits too!
Ecopsychology research, for example, by Washington State University has shown that indoor plants significantly increase workers focus and efficiency and improve overall productivity by about 12%.  Not only that, but hanging out with plants reduces stress, improves our moods and positively contributes to people’s long-term well-being.  Finally, being around elements of nature tend to make us care more about looking after the environment.
There is a school of thought called biophilia (meaning love of living things) which argues that many of our modern day anxieties arise from an artificial urban separation from nature.  Whether you believe we have lost our evolutionary origins or not, research and evidence championed by the likes of Richard Louv (Last Child in the Woods) certainly suggests that us city dwellers should be fighting off “Nature Deficit Disorder” with a healthy dose of desk plants.