Early Starters Coffee
25 June 2013 - Impact Hub

All projects have a story to share. What’s yours?
When we talk through what we’re working on, all sorts of interesting opportunities – or challenges we might not have considered – may arise.
Earlier this month, Happiness Architect in partnership with the HUB ran the first Early Starters Coffee. This is a chance for passionate innovators from any industry to connect over a morning cuppa and share challenges, experiences and ideas.
With help from Taichi Fujimoto of Happiness Architect, we thought about communicating our projects in the structure of a story – with a beginning, middle and end, challenges to be overcome and solutions found.
Stories such as Laura Roeder’s of LKR Social Media:

Once upon time, a freelancer had to start from scratch with every prospective client, basically starting their business all over again every time a project finished.

Even on the days they had work, they always knew that their business could be over without that next client.

One day, they realised that people form relationships with celebrities – even if the celebrity doesn’t know them and has never talked to them. And you can apply the same idea for business – essentially scaling your relationships.

Because of that, they needed to scale the ‘know-like-trust’ process. Instead of forming each client/customer relationship individually, they could take it online so that clients could experience ‘know-like-trust’ without any one-on-one interaction with the business owner.

Because of that, they started using the new free online tools to scale the relationships: their websites, blogs, social media, and emails – in order to be known, liked, and trusted.

Until finally… prospective new clients/customers came to them ready to buy. Business owners could stop panicking about their next projects, because they knew their online action brought in a steady stream of interested leads. And everyone saved time and was able to make educated, confident decisions when choosing suppliers.

The next Early Starters Coffee will be this Friday at 9am here at HUB Islington. Check out the Eventbrite to sign up to this free event.
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