What I love about being a freelancer?
3 July 2013 - Impact Hub

by Kat Tp
Freelance UX/Digital Designer

Sleeping in, being my own boss, working from where ever I want, when ever I want,…. well these are some reasons why I love freelancing.

After working in a full-time job for years and years, I found myself feeling burnt out and not enjoying what I once loved so much. I decided to break free, quit my job and do my own thing instead. It took a few months and slowly but surely I have rediscovered my passion and rapidly improved my skills. Here are two things I love doing:

Creating “folio projects”

My biggest challenge was that I did not like my portfolio much (a common problem with designers). I knew I could produce much better work than what I have done before… so I did. I figured out what kind of project I wanted to do and approached someone I could do it for. This was an unpaid gig, but therefore I had free range and no particular deadline. Finally, I was able to take my time, experiment, work on it in full detail and learn new skills along the way. It turned out well and brought me a lot of praise and referrals.
A lot of successful people will tell you “You are only as good as your last project”, which I fully agree with. I create my own “folio projects” whenever I can.

Taking “creative mini breaks”

I believe it is important for any creative person to take “creative mini breaks”. In these breaks you can regain creative energy or learn some thing new. A few ways of doing it:
– Visit an art exhibition
– Attend an inspirational talk
– Take a look at other creative disciplines
– Research the world wide web for the amazing things other people have created
– Teach yourself a new skill
– Go for a walk…
Taking some time off your day job also helps to put things in perspective. This way you can reevaluate what kind of work you want to do and what kind of clients I want to work for next.
My inspiration: http://kat-media.tumblr.com
My folio: http://www.kat-media.com
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