Book now: HUB Suppers, Summer Edition
18 July 2013 - Impact Hub

London is full of great supper clubs, featuring tasty food, cool concepts, and innovative locations. But if you’re anything like us at the HUB, you’ll notice there is often an ingredient missing: the opportunity to connect with your fellow dinner guests.
Enter HUB Suppers, HUB Islington’s new monthly extravaganza of good food and meaningful connections. Where at other supper clubs you might be sitting across from the most interesting person in London and never find out, HUB Suppers is focused on the people. We want find out who you are, what you’re into, and who you’d like to meet. Then, based on the information you provide us, we will match you with fellow HUB members and interesting outsiders, producing an intimate dinner party with a twist. It’s inspiring food, with inspiring people.

Following the success of our first HUB Supper at the end of June, we’re scheduling a late summer edition for Wednesday August 21st. Want to be a part of it? Click here to sign up before August 1st (like all good things, it takes time for us to pull together the right mix of people).

The food will be catered by Elaine Byfield of the Dulwich Cook, a fully qualified chef, HUB Islington regular, and purveyor of beautiful, simple and rustic food.
Check out some photos from our last HUB Supper below.
And here’s what we ate:

Bruschetta with smashed broad bean, pea, dill, feta
Blini with Tabasco crab and avocado
Sweet corn fritters
Mains: Slow cooked pork loin ragu, papardelle pasta and sourdough gremolata
Veg option: Roast tomatoes with sourdough crumbs and thyme
Sides: Spring salad (includes asparagus, broad beans, jerseys) with watercress dressing
Dessert: Fresh cherry cake (hint of cinnamon) with white chocolate mascarpone cream
Petit fours: Mini Florentine squares