Where Empathy Meets Business
22 July 2013 - Impact Hub

To run a good business you have to be able to offer a product or service that people need. To run a great business you have to be able to truly engage with those people. How can we understand people well enough to make that jump from good to great? Emotional intelligence is your answer.
Emotional intelligence is the capability to assess and control your own emotions, and understand the emotions of other people and of a group. In simpler terms, how well do we know ourselves, and in turn, how can we use that knowledge to make strong emotional connections to other people? It’s an interesting question that could seem too broad to answer. However, it’s one lots of people, from academics to business leaders, are attempting to tackle.
In the business world, people want to be able to network and connect with potential clients as best as possible. Thus it’s no surprise that trainers are starting to develop education programmes on how develop our EQ (emotional quotient.)
Last week, HUB Islington hosted a workshop on this topic, inviting Ethan Ohs of Body & Soul as educator. Ethan led a fascinating, thoughtful discussion on emotional intelligence and its relevance for entrepreneurs. The group learned about their EQ and ability to use empathy as a tool in connecting to potential clients and business partners.
For further reading, check out some of the books and films Ethan recommended:

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