"The creative adult is the child that has survived" – Ursula K. Le Guin
2 August 2013 - Impact Hub

How many times have you felt blocked trying to solve a problem? How many times have you given up making new things just because you didn’t know how?

New things and new ways of doing things usually make us feel uncomfortable because we have to leave our Comfort Zone. We often avoid risk by staying neutral and sticking with a limited set of familiar behaviours – why?

Because more of us think using the left-hand side of our brain.

The human brain has two hemispheres; the right one is more intuitive, thoughtful and subjective and the left one is more logical, analytical and objective. We use the logical left, which desires routine and familiarity,  every day but not the creative, risk-taking right.

Why do we let our creativity fall asleep and stay so focussed on routine? The answer is as easy as: routine is easy and doesn’t require us to make any difficult changes to our life.

Do you want to awaken your creative, risk-taking side but don’t know how?

There are a lot of interesting ways to develop your creativity and find solutions to problems at the same time. The only condition is DO NOT CRITICIZE. Creativity allows all ideas to be a part of the process, it doesn’t matter if they seem stupid or unreal, everything is welcome!

Here is a quick and simple, but very effective, creative technique: The 635 method. Use it to come up with 108 creative ideas in just half an hour!

Six people take a sheet of paper and gather round a table to generate ideas on an agreed theme or subject. Each person writes down three ideas in 5 minutes. Ideas should be kept short and understandable. Once the five minutes are up, each person gives their sheet of paper to the person sitting on the right and the process is repeated (5 minutes, 3 ideas). As the ideas move around the table they act as a source of inspiration to others.

Do the cycle of five minutes six times so every person writes 3 ideas on each sheet of paper. At the end, each paper will have eighteen ideas – that’s 108 ideas in half an hour!

Easy, fast… why not try it? Let’s exercise the right side of our brains and liberate our creativity! All of us are creative – we were born creative – but the routine and repetitiveness of our lives is killing it off. Do you want to recover it?
Iraia Monteagudo (HUB Islington intern host)