HUB Eco Series: Tackling scepticism: How can we most effectively communicate climate change?
7 August 2013 - Impact Hub

Thursday, 29 August / £5 Hub, £6 non-Hub
Why do debates on global warming feel like blood sport?
If you’ve had enough of the rage ruling climate discussions, come and hear from an outstanding panel of speakers on how we can better understand and positively transform scepticism.
We will be unfolding the psychology and drivers of denial in order to discuss other ways of engaging hearts and minds around sustainable action.
How can we change the way we communicate the case for tackling climate change, so that more people will be motivated to take action?
Join leading speakers from the fields of Philosophy, Climate Science and Science Policy as they share their insight. We are also delighted to have Ed Gillespie, sustainability communications guru and Co-Founder of Futerra probing the panel and helping you get advice, and share thoughts on some of the more provocative encounters you may have faced.